Walking the Path: The Eclipse Theory

A Reflection on the Fallen Angels

by SM Bowser

Released November 16, 2016


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The Book


A book by SM Bowser

What if angels walked among us today, what would they tell us? Walking the Path is an inspired personal reflection on angels as divine beings and how they may intervene in our earthly affairs. What if the fallen angels recognized in the Bible and other faiths came to Earth and influenced our history? What if there is more to the story than just what the ancient texts tell us? This book also presents a new theory on why the Great Pyramid was built by examining eclipse cycles and the life and death of the god Osiris. Also in question are the reasons behind the Gregorian and Julian calendars. The fall of man may have been literally a fall both physically and metaphorically. Walking the Path takes us on a journey from ancient Egypt to the Bible and presents a new approach to addressing the difficult questions concerning our divine origins. The angels may be our divine counterparts here to show us our spiritual path home.

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